Looking for a case study of ERPNext for Education

Hi, folks! I’m looking for a case study of ERPNext implementations for Education domain. If anyone here has worked on it, would be great if you can share the story/reference?


Can you share the reference?

Does not seem like there is one… are you using it @jaichavan ? If so, maybe you should make a case study out of it.

I’m working on it but it seems to be stuck on some process, I couldn’t get the Program public for example. Really appreciate if there’s anyone using it and share.

We did Implement the Education Module in version 13 here in TONGA, for the Tupou Tertiary Institute or TTI. Here is the site: https://mis.tti.to

I know the answer is probably no, but can I have a demo account to have a look on it? :slight_smile:

At the current state, i don’t recommend using the education module and i will brief my experiences with it
Since V14, you need to install the Education module manually, which required few knowledge on using bash,
After installing the domain, you come up with error that say the edu module is not found, after fixing that,
you start creating the normal work flow-> you will come up that you can’t create any assessment group due Data base error,
without assessment group you can’t get student results
you need to move to V13,
in v13 if you finished the workflow and print the student card, you will find the report is without student grade(Empty), so it useless, without saying the report UI itself, is not suitable to use in any institution as standard report
and here you need to create your own modification to change the student report
Also, if want to import bulk students you will come up with error, so you can’t do it

The big problem that all these bugs and errors are been reported by users since Feb\2022
And all of them still there and not even one of them have been fixed till now

The summery the education Module is not ready to be used, i don’t recommend any one to use it to manage their education institution,

But, for as LMS, it might work, but i didn’t try it


Correct @Ali_Shaatani , i am surprised why bugs and issues not resolved yet? Even there no any good reference link ya information about education model in detail.

The Assessment Group fix has been implemented for some reason it is not working for me.

What worked for me is this


  1. search for System Console in the awesome bar
  2. Run it
  3. set Type to “Python”
  4. Paste the code below in “console”
if not frappe.db.exists("Assessment Group", "All Assessment Groups"):
            "doctype": "Assessment Group",
            "assessment_group_name": "All Assessment Groups",
            "is_group": 1
  1. set “Commit” as checked
  2. At the top right side of screen click “Execute”

This will create a base group All Assessment Groups, and allow you to subsequently create your assessment groups