Looking for a frappe/erpnext app to display Excel file

I have a need for an app that I can use on an ERPNext server that will allow the user to display the contents of an Excel spreadsheet file (either .xlxs or .csv).

Does anyone know if this exists already?

If so, how I could get it to install on my server?



I don’t know if this is useful, but NextCloud offers a WOPI link to Collabora Office. It is possible that it could be adapted to link in to ERPNext (though I don’t personally know how one would do that).

actually it’s collabora online which does this part (google docs like online collaboration on spreadsheets/textfiles). As it is a separate project (installed as an ‘app’ in the Nextcloud context (I think it runs inside a docker container) there may be a way to integrate this with ERPNext as well. @bkm Have you looked into this in any way?

@vrms you can use this app for Nextcloud ingratiation :

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