Looking for a freelancer to adapt erpnext for an auto repair shop

Last time I post a job on freelancer.com, I found a that almost everybody who contacted me didn’t know anything about erpnext event if it was a requirement. Finally hired somebody but he wasnt very good and I had to request help from somebody else.

I posted on the erpnext website job.

I didnt find a section in the forum for that but I would like to work with someone who is active here.

I need to modify my erpnext a bit for an auto repair shop. I need to be able to assign multiple vehicle to a customer, with VIN number, year, make model, engine, color, licence plate and be able to select the vehicle in the sales order and invoice. I also need to customize the sales invoice to add a logo and display vehicle info in the sales invoice print format.

Dear Samuel,

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