Looking for an ERPNext Consultant

Hello everyone,

I’m in search of an ERPNext consultant who can assist me with setting up and customizing my ERPNext system. I’m willing to allocate a monthly budget of $200 USD for this service and I’m looking for someone who is fluent in either English or Turkish.

If you’re interested in discussing this opportunity further, please reach out to me with your experience and availability. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

@TurkerTunali Is the only consultant I know working in Turkey.

Without knowing what sort of project and how much help (really how little help) you’re looking for, $200USD is not going to cover a full day of work for an experienced, intermediate-level ERPNext developer priced in a global marketplace. I have no concept of what ERP consulting rates are in Turkey but referencing the Big Mac index, if you don’t increase your budget you will likely experience silence or disappointment.