Looking for contributors: Notification when user is mentioned in comment

Would anyone want to pool together and contribute for this development? It would be good if we can find 3 to 4 person to contribute $100 each to complete this.


Thanks we love this feature too (though don’t see a need).

I am thinking there should be a better way to fund ERPNext development. If users are willing to pay, even small amounts, development can be speeded up.

We are having issues trying to communicate via the ERP (e.g. alerting our colleagues when there is a new update via the comments) because nobody will check the comments one by one. Like for example, when our project department wants to clarify an order they can do so via email or the phone call, but they can’t do it in the ERP.

It would be good if the entire company’s communication can be done quickly through the ERP system and shared records so everybody would know what’s going on for each order.

A development subscription plan might be something to offer.

Hi @Justin_Lu I think this can be closed. It’s a built in feature since v12. Thank you.