Looking for ERPNext Consultant - Commercial

Dear ERPNext Users,

We are looking for consultants who can help us achieve the following.

We expect the consultant to give us in each of the steps, with cost breakups at each stage: -


a. Recruitment

b. On-boarding

c. Employee welfare

i. Fringe benefits

1. ESI

2. PF

ii. Leaves & Off days

iii. Annual fest

iv. Birthdays

v. Special achievement awards and certificates

vi. Social get-togethers to include immediate family of employee

B. Accounts

a. Followup and procure necessary documents and particulars of income and expenditure from all departments

b. Maintain books of accounts

c. Publish weekly, monthly and quarterly balance sheet, P/L account

d. Publish audited reports for stake holders every Month, quarter and annually

C. IT management (register of fault reporting, response, action hence, status, estimated time for resolution, etc...FOR EXAMPLE)

a. Maintainance of -

i. Calling agent system, dialer, CRM, server, all hardware and software including networking

ii. Voice and data network

iii. Data security

D. Marketing management

a. New business generation

b. Client servicing

c. Conduct research and survey for market trends to publish periodical reports necessary for modifying internal business model and continue profitability

d. Work closely with production

i. to coordinate capacity and workload balance

1. Focussed approach to maintain quality of client service

2. Consumer focussed approach to maintain quality of service being extended to end user

E. Sales or production

a. Produce as per KPI and JD

b. Maintain close coordination with Marketing to maintain continuity and quality of service to the job source client

c. Maintain close coordination with HR to maintain proper and adequate staffing at benchmark quality

d. Maintain sanity of the floor and curtail unnecessary cost to achieve targets as per predetermined financial parameters

e. Maintain proper MIS to provide information

i. to the top management for production analysis and cash flow management

ii. to the accounts department for billing the client and receive payments on time

iii. to the marketing department to maintain an open channel of feedback to improve client relation and create new sales processes

iv. to the HR department to maintain proper manning, monitoring employee performance and take action to

1. Reward good employees

2. Penalise and/or terminate bad employees

f. Inventory control and management

i. For all material resources

1. For internal use

a. Stationery, Peripherals and Refills

b. Other consumables (Soap, or other cleaning or freshening agents like Harpic/Scruber/Brooms and brushes, etc.)

c. Kitchen/Pantry consumables (Tea, sugar, coffee, Utensil cleaners, etc.)

2. For sale

a. Hard goods stock for delivery/drop-off

b. Free gifts/vouchers/hampers to go with any package up for sale, etc.

Please feel free to add if I have missed any detail above – as it should be for any business operating in service industry.

In case you need any clarification to reply to us off-the-list with feasibility and commercials.

Mitul Limbani
Enterux Solutions,