Looking for help returning stock to supplier

Hello Community,

I appreciate you taking the time to read into my current issue.

I’ve just migrated from an old system at the beginning of this month using stock reconciliation. In the old system we posted stock before physically receiving the items into the warehouse.

Once we realized about the short delivery we notified the supplier, now 4 months later we received the credit from the supplier. We need to remove the stock and debit the suppliers account.

The problem I’m facing is that our supplier only credits us the net purchasing price of the product. In this case the net purchasing price is 13.53 EUR the landed cost of the item is: $22.96 CAD with the current exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.53923 CAD The credit will be $20.82 CAD.

My thought was to use Stock Reconciliation to remove the stock into Stock Adjustment account. Then credit the stock adjustment account against the suppliers account.

The problem I face is that I cannot change the rate at which I do the Stock Reconciliation. See below for example:
The difference goes to a extremely different value.

What is the best practice to accomplish this?

The landed cost of the product

With the current NPP of the product

You should be able to key in the Exchange Rate, no? How about you do a Stock Entry Purpose Material Issue and flush it out of your warehouse. You can use the Suppliers Account as the Difference Account. If you can’t do that use a temporary account and then pass another General Ledger Entry to move it from the temporary account to the Supplier Account. You should be able to pick the Exchange Rate. If you still cannot, maybe there is a setting that lets you determine and manually key in the Exchange rate. Or you do an additional General Ledger entry for the difference between the exchange rates. And of course, if you have to do that, you might as well do it for the stock reconciliation entry.

Hope this helps.