Looking for one to one training with expert who uses ERPnext for their daily accounting process


I’m trying to find an accountant expert on ERPNext to teach me how to utilize the full of the ERPNext accounting functionality

Hi @KHALiDiSH, there are probably several people here who can help out. What country are you doing your accounting in? And what sort of business are you working with? This will help narrow down your request further.
Good luck!

I’m from Qatar and I have three different type of business.
1- Distribution
2- Manufacturing
3- Services.

@KHALiDiSH if you can post your questions here we can try to help you out as much as possible. Else why don’t you post a job on the portal.

I am in Bahrain and have been using ERPNext for my business which is sales and distribution.

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Maybe we could help.
Could you please state your question, to gaze your needs better. Thanks.


I’m trying to convert from a legacy system that has a lot of limitation, which still some are done manually.
However, in my business there are a lot of an account process done but I want to standardized myself with ERPNext feature so I could benefit the most for the reporting.

e.g for normal process for credit sale is when they issue a sale invoice and then supply the products, we expect to get paid for that invoice after 60 days. However, there are some % deduction when actual payments are made, which those deductible amount and percentage are different from item to item on the same invoice and I cannot issue the invoice with deducted amount in advance and should only happen when the invoice paid.

How could I manage such thing within ERPNext?

There is a manual feature for this in ERPNext, look at “Step 5 - Deductions”.


You can post deductions here OR if there’s an increased cost that wasn’t on the original invoice (like a delivery charge or something).
If this is something that has a predictable pattern, you should look into Payment Terms to help manage it.