Looking for tips on importing sales data, including customer owned serials

I need to import our sales data, so we can look up the history of when customers made transactions, do returns/RMA when needed, and have records of which serials belong to which customers.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice in general on the process, and in particular what is needed to get the serialized inventory listed as belonging to the customer.

To do a sale, we need to bring the serial into our inventory, then complete a sales order, followed by delivery to get the serial listed for the customer.

Will I need to first import every serialized item, then import all of the sales orders (do I need Sales Invoices?), import all of the deliveries, and import all the payments as separate doctypes? Or can those steps be reduced?


I do not believe there are any shortcuts to this process.

When I was trying to import old sales invoices/orders, I overlooked the items that were sold years ago that were no longer in production or supported. This turned out to be a big headache.

If you start down this road, you have to make sure that any item ever sold in the time frame you are importing already exists in the database, and is still active at the time of import. At least that is my experience in versions 9 and 10.

Your mileage may vary… :sunglasses:

I do not have experience with importing invoices with serialized items, and they may have further dangers to be aware of. Hopefully another user can expand on this part.


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