Looking for use of erpnext in HVAC manufacturing industry

Hi All,
I am trying to find a use case where eprnext is used for manufacturing in UAE, the domain I am looking is into:-
(a) manufacturing power generator or
(b) HVAC [Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ] products areas or similar to such fields.
Can any one guide me.
Guidance requested

@Mishal_Ali @Mohammedhilal from CVS - Dubai. Kind reference will be helpful here.

Thabks Umar.
Like to add, mainly they are looking features which have solidwork integration.
If some one has done it , please Conatct. I can fix an appointment with the client

Hi, sorry for the late reply. We don’t have solidworks integration, but I would be very interested in partnering up on this if you are proceeding with this.

We are planning to implement erp manufacturing model for our auto manufacturing company. For hvac, our designed implementation would require data entry from the information provided by production software.