Lose all CSS on printing

Hello, everyone, I created a print format, that has custom CSS. It looks great when I see it on the screen. But when I print it. All the Bootstrap CSS flies out the window. Please let me know what I need to do so that it will print just how I see it.


Did you make sure that you’re using the @media print CSS rule in the Print Format?

I have tried but I am not sure where to place it. I am new to CSS. Never the less it looks like the system is having issues printing to pdf altogether.

I understand that, however those two things are very different from each other.

So I fixed it today. I was using the VM-production and I noticed two problems. Bootstrap CSS has changed the way that it translates col tags. I was using col-md tags when I should have been using col-xs, the second issue was the wkhtmltopdf wasn’t installed which is a requirement of the Frappe Framework. After making those two switches I was able to print and it came in the format I wanted it.