Losing numbers due to autoincrement (?)


Just wondering if I overlooked something, but, I think that sequence numbers are lost when you “accidentally” click on something.

I was trying out the POS module. I said I wanted to make an invoice, so I clicked start. I hit the back button in my browser without doing much in this. I wanted to see where it got it’s prices basically. So I should have done “profiles” first. Any way, I went back, clicked another sales invoice and could see the number jumped to 2. But I did not save the first one. So, I guess the number 1 is lost forever.

How will I ever be able to explain this to an accountant that there is no number X in the invoices ?

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What I understand from your post is that you make Invoice its number is say INV-0001, then after that you make another invoice and then sometimes the number of the next invoice is INV-0003 instead of INV-0002. If that is what you are trying to say then, I must say that its very ODD and it does not happen at all in the system.

I have been using the erpnext system for 5 years now and even we keep the invoice numbers this ways in serial order and have never faced this problem. If something like this is happening then you should first check the following things:

  1. No role should have the right to DELETE the INVOICE since if you make 0001 and then after that some1 make 0002 and then deletes it then the next generated number would be 0003.

  2. The other way you can change the series is in settings you can go to Naming Series → Select the Series of Sales invoice in Upated Series “Prefix” → Enter the current Value which is different from the current series.

I can only think of the above 2 examples by which you could experience the skipping or loss of numbers other than that there is no other way AFAIK.

This is what I did.

Enable the POS module. Go into that module. Click you want to make a sales invoice and press start. You will see number X. Do nothing at all with this, do not save it. Click back in the browser, or anything else and then go to the POS module again. Click you want to start a sales invoice. It get’s number X+1. (Plus the prefix of course)


Maybe it is just the number in the top that indicates something, which is strange and the final number is only attributed when the document is saved ?

So should I presume there is no missing numbers as you indicated earlier and everything works as per expectations?

No, actually, number 1 is missing. The first one is now 2, the one after that is 3.

But I think I used the series updater. I selected the SINV- in there. It could be that I entered 1 in current. But, as I see now, the new one will automatically become 2 then. I tricked the system now by putting in 0 and it made my first invoice now. I guess if I change it to 3 now, the next one will be 4 again, continuing the series.

Well I think we are talking about different things, since I was talking about the invoice numbers which are shown at the top and in POS view there is NO INVOICE number till the time we Submit the invoice. I guess I am not able to understand your query as you are talking about row numbers I guess can you just explain a bit more as I have checked even the POS view, I was unable to miss any invoice numbers.