Lost in workflow - there and not back again

I am kinda lost in the workflow at adding new things in different places. One example:

I am creating a new item. While doing so at adding the supplier, I realize that I have not added that company yet. So I chose “new supplier”, start inputting that information, and hit “save” (top right) to save the company data. It apparently saves - but how can I go back to finish entering the item I needed the very supplier for? Hitting back in the browser makes me start over, all information I already filled in is gone.

Same goes for pretty much new thing I try to enter, whenever I do not have everything ready that I want to link to it. One more example: New item again - oops, this needs a new item group → added a new one, and again no way to go back and finish entering the item I started and created the new item group for.

Another example - new customer, needs new contact address - again can’t get back from adding the address.

Am I missing something there, what am I doing wrong? I can’t imagine that it’s actually not planned to do this way, since the options “create new…” are offered.

It has the ability to go back, when you go back after creating a new Item Group or a Supplier, going back again on the original form keeps all your previously data entered intact using Browser’s cache unless you refresh.