Lost my Chart of Accounts hierarchy

In my multi company setup,i cannot find my second company CoA hierarchy.

The default accounts are set as per Company master but it is not taking to Account head when clicking the link to Account.

Now,i cannot start making invoices because no CoA is there in second company

How this happens.Any idea?

Try saving the company record again. Also check if account records has been created from list view of Accounts, you can access that from URL (#List/Account)

It seem like it got lost when i deleted transactions of the new company but not sure

On saving the company record, i get a message(plz see screenshots) . The CoA was created initially but disappeared mysteriously

Im stuck here.I cannot even delete Company now.When I delete transactions,the same message appears -
Could not find Default Account


Suggesting to make backup in regular time span.
If you get in trouble then you are in safe side to restore and try again.

Hope this helps.