Low end VPS specification to install ERPNext

Hi, I just start installing ERPNext on for my small business.

First, I’m looking for article related to system requirement for installing ERPNext. And found this on Frappe Bench’s Wiki page: [OS and Hardware Specifications]

(OS and Hardware Specifications · frappe/bench Wiki · GitHub)

From these table, we need at least 4GB of memory, 2 processor, and 40 GB of storage. But in my case, I try to install on low-end VPS (1GB of memory, 1 processor, and 20GB of storage. And it works for me!


PS: I add more swap size to help the RAM.

If anyone can give suggestion for upgrade, please reply this thread. I’ll update this 3 months later. :slight_smile:

How long have you been using this service? Is it working well for you?

Few weeks and counting. I’m not gonna using that for heavy loads actually.

which hosting service provider ?

I prefer using local providers. Cann’t afford for big provider like AWS/Digitalocean.

what’s the name of service provider?