Loyalty Cash Discount Card

We have given our customers some pre-numbered discount cards for a specific product category, like Platinum is 15% and gold is 10% on any purchase of Lubricants.

How do we implement it in ERPNext? Like customers will come and buy various products and at the counter present his Loyalty Discount Card. At this stage the cashier should enter his card number on the POS screen and the applicable discount should appear in the discount box.

Any hints?

One way to handle this is

  1. Define Separate Price list for each Category (Platinum,Gold,etc) [Category = Customer Group]
  2. Map the Customer Group on Customer
  3. On entering the Customer Details on POS, related Pricelist will be fetched with relevant Discount
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Thank you Manan. I can try this, but this will be more of an indirect way of handling the issue.

Discounts/Incentives and Loyalty programs are all important marketing tools. One time customers, who are brand loyal, specially for expensive items, are more interested in “Instant Cash Discounts (ICD)”.

Secondly, Instant ICD’s are campaign dependent. Each item will need to be marked on which ICD will apply and by what percentage. This can be perpetual or limited to a period, like valid for 3 months.

Not sure how to make this as an Issue. Maybe @netchampfaris can advise on this.