Loyalty program not auto fetching in online POS

Hi folks,
I want to fetch loyalty points in online POS. (point_of_sales.js)
It is not auto fetching loyalty points. Any help.

Thanks in advance & Happy Deepawali Festival.

I am waiting for your valuable thought on this.
Any help.

Hello @kumar404

Loyalty points is not even showing up in PoS at all. Have you been able to make this possible ??

It’s showing.
Just now I checked on my mobile.


What version is this?

Are you using offline or online?


Version 12

Now am confused

Also on Version 12

Not seeing this

Is there any setting am missing ?

Ok check this screenshot

Thank you

I already did that …

The challenge is that the loyalty button does not show in my pos page

Really strange

Check that, customer is assigned with loyalty program.

It is showing now, thanks, I had to update to the latest version of version 12


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Congratulations :wink::blush:

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Thanks …appreciate your quick responses

Need to put points manually.

FYI. There is no report of loyalty points. We are making one. Will share when ready.

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There is also a need for the available loyalty points of customers to be visible at PoS.

This eliminates trial and error in redeeming points

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Till now it is visible in customer dashboard only.

have you tried using the Multiple tier loyalty option?

Not yet.
But I will do in upcoming week.

My concern is available loyalty points not auto fetching in POS.

i am able to redeem it blindly without knowing exact points for a customer.
However, since it is POS, i want to show availability loyalty points for a particular customer as soon as the customer name is entered.

I have customized all settings such as auto-opt for all customers etc.

Thank you