Loyalty Program not working on offline pos


first of all thank you very much the feature I have been waiting is finaly out (Loyalty program) I did the set up as per the notes in the doc type and has been working only on the while the sales invoice is made using sales invoice module but when I create sales invoice via the offline pos it does not count.

my concern is, is this a bug or is it supposed to work this way.

thank you.

Try Menu > Sync Offline Invoices

then Menu > Sync Master data

Then check if there is a count difference by trying a new sale.

What he means is that you cannot redeem loyalty points offline mode

thank you for the response but my question was when I sell via pos the loyalty point entry report does not count as per the rules set and only counts points based on invoice created online.

nothing changes.
it only changes when I sell via invoices created online.

My concern is available loyalty points not auto fetching in online POS.

i am able to redeem it blindly without knowing exact points for a customer.
However, since it is POS, i want to show availability loyalty points for a particular customer as soon as the customer name is entered.

I have customized all settings such as auto-opt for all customers etc.

Thank you