LPG Gas Cylinder Trading

HI team,

I need to handle Gas Cylinder buy and distribution

  1. We buy Gas with exchange of empty cylinder from manufacturer.

  2. Can also buy gas with a new cylinder in case I don’t have empty.

I then sell in the same fashion to distributors

  • either
    1— sell with exchange of empty cylinder
    2— sell with new cylinder without exchange with additional empty cylinder cost.

Need to be able to track sales and stoc of both empty and filled cylinders.
Is this a configurable scenario in Erpnext or need customization?

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Use product bundles

Item 1 - Gas
Item 2 - Cylinder

Item Bundle (Gas + cylinder ) made up of Gas and cylinder - when you create this item, make sure the maintain stock is not checked. then create a bundle for it

Or read up on Product Bundle to give you a better idea

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Hi @David_Kazi, welcome to the community.

Here are 3 processes which need to be looked upon.

  1. Sales/Purchase of Gas with money
  2. Sales/Purchase of New cylinder
  3. Exchange of Cylinder (Because you are not selling or purchasing it, then you can not invoice it as well)

The first two can be handled easily.
3rd one, you have to build an interface, which can be done using stock entries (material receipt and material issue)

Think about it.

See you :vulcan_salute:

Thank you @aa_prasant , it make sense

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