Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Connectivity Solution on Frappe/ERPNext

Friends, does Any member have any experience using Frappe/ERPNext for M2M Solution. One of our clients has multiple large textile manufacturing units, and various machines are involved in different stages of production, from raw material processing to the final product. They are evaluating Frappe /ERPNext

If machines can communicate over MQTT then frappe can publish as well as subscribe to MQTT broker.

Refer Sample app to publish and subscribe to MQTT5

There’s sample app that you can refer in the above post. Programming will be needed. MQTT broker services also needed.

If machines are already communicating over MQTT there must be already a broker service running.

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Thanks, this information is sufficient to discuss advocacy of frappe for MQTT to a large manufacturing industry and a good starting point and app to learn in this direction. we will update you further.