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I’ve got a question - is it possible to configure manufacturing module in ERPNext, so that there are no fixed prices? Because my company is manufacturing drawers/kitchen doors, almost every order is different and the doors most of the time are different. There are few parameters that describe the doors:
type, style, colour, size and optional parameters are: angled doors, multiple panel doors (sliding), with drilling/handles.

Question is - could you implement something like that into pricing/manufacturing? We would like to base pricing on a formula, that takes into account those parameters, base price of raw materials + costs of offcuts etc. It’s obvious that there is no “item” as such, rather group of doors in type/style that can be then configured to the customers’ liking.

Any ideas?:slight_smile:
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@Alpa-Chino furniture development in ERPNext is hard but is not impossible.

Some years ago, I started with the given solution.

First use generic dimensional value (I used mm3 “cubic millimeter”)
Don’t consider attributes as attributes, but as alternative products, eg:
Angle doors is a product, that can be added into doors, and increase in 23 USD for each unit.

Where do you will build yours products by composition, instead of Attributes.

In case of forniture, with 3 or 4 attributes, you already have a infitity of products, did you can imagine a door, that start in 30cm x 30cm until 300cm x 300cml with variations of 1mm, and using 15K, 20K, 300K of colors, 3 types of materials, that’s crazy! By my knowlegment, making products by composition you can solve better these issues!

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@max_morais_dmm thank You for your reply.

I’m still very novice in regards do ERPNext. Could you please explain in more detail, how would you add Attributes to the product? In “New Item” menu I have got only Purchase/Supplier/Sales/Tax and Variations options, no Attributes. How would You add those?

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@Alpa-Chino, for furniture case, the best option is not use Attributes, the better way is:

You will have your basic products, let’s suppose “Door y Cabinet”, you have 3 types of Wood (Pinus, MDF, MDP)
You have colors in Blank, White, Blue and Red.

For make a cabinet or doors, you need the wood, the size, and the color
So, to make a quote, first you should make a BOM (Bill of Materials) where each attribute is a distinct item.

Let’s suppose that do you will make a Red Cabined with Pinus and White Doors in MDF, do you will have:

BOM for Cabinet

  • Wood Pinus 18mm 7mts3
  • Color Red 5mts3
  • Doors White MDF 4 pieces
    • Wood MDF 18mm 2mts3
    • Color White 2mts2

The Doors have they own BOM, and this BOM is used on the Cabinet.
Which that approach, do you will have attributes as products in your database, but, do you will only need Build a BOM, do describe each production mode.