Magento2 integration

Magento2 is a leading e-Commerce platform. This is a big step back that the platform does not yet have integration with magento2. When are the plans for this integration?

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That depends on when magento users like you adopt this tool!?

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you could try Myddleware to connect ERPNext to Magento. It’s an open-source tool.

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Thanks for the answer. I am testing a firebear import export for magento2 solution. But an ideal option would be to support such integration by erpnext developers in erp, as they do with woocommerce and shopify


Best of luck in achieving your e-commerce goals!

I completely understand your concern about the absence of Magento2 integration, especially considering that Magento2 is a prominent e-commerce platform. While I don’t have specific information on Magento’s integration plans, I can suggest an alternative approach.One effective way to address this issue is to Hire Magento 2 developer. These professionals specialize in Magento development and can work on custom integrations and extensions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s connecting Magento2 with other systems or implementing unique features, a Magento 2 developer can be your solution.