Mail Account config


im confused that i can send an email from erpnext… i cant use wheter my yahoo mail, gmail or cpanel mail… gmail i cant save it invalid password… yahoo mail got stock in white screen… and cpanel success but not actualy sent… am i missing something…


Share a trace

Hi @rmehta the most strange thing is thi… i use cpanel mail and there is no trace of an error in web console or error log… its showing success… but the mail is didnt work…i dont even have any error in the scheduler… :frowning:

on yahoo there is stock in saving white screen… but othing in console…

on GMail its always returned invalid password or username… i had turn on less security on gmail…

any clues on how i can get the traces ?


Hi @bobzz_zone try to use Sendgrid smtp service.

I had the same issue when trying to use gmail. I wasn’t receiving emails and there was no errors with the schedule logs.
I tried using send-grid smtp service and that works great.

@Olubukola_Adeboye will try your solution… thanks for the respond…:smiley:

@Olubukola_Adeboye how you cofigure in sendgrid ?

@rmehta i found this is strage… when i do create in user (password notif or welcome mail) the email is delivered… but in another document it wont delivered… what im missing here ?

no error anyways…
or is there any spesific file log for the error