Mail Alert Condition example

In mail alert Condition Example following is shown.

doc.due_date==nowdate() > 40000

What is the expression for “Not Equal to”. We want to set alert only if doc.status is not closed.

doc.status != "Closed"

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Is nowdate() function still working? It’s giving me some hard time! I am adding a condition to Quotation Feedback Trigger like:
But I get the bellow error when saving.
The condition ‘doc.rfq_date==nowdate()’ is invalid

rfq_date is custom variable that I use.

Hi @max_morais_dmm , can you please help me out in solving this.
how to do mail alert in notification for this condition,

  1. If the delivery date is 1 month from posting date-Send a reminder in 15 days
  2. If the delivery date is 15 days from posting date-Send a reminder in 7 days.

@Subramani by UI you dont will be able to handle this situation, I mean, the “Email Alert” doesn’t provide enought flexibility to handle this scenario.

@max_morais_dmm, ok thank you for response.


You can do this from Notification, for example i made a notification reminder to HR if there’s an open leave after 10 days from posting date.:

Hi Sir can you help me this in this one I should be thankful to you
if the sales invoice is return (Credit note) send notification only so what condition should I write?