Mail being sent in HTML format instead of PDF

Dear all,

I have sent a RFQ to a particular supplier by email . The latter received it in the HTML format instead of PDF.

Has anyone encountered this issue previously and any solution?

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Did you select “Attach Document Print”?


@joelios Where is the attach document print found ?

I did not select it.

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On the E-Mail pop-up (when you click on “Menu > E-Mail” or “Ctrl + E”) in the last section at the bottom:

The Attach Document was checked and the receiver received the file in HTML format.

Any other related settings you think is causing this issue.

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hmm…and print the printformat as pdf works well? just not as attachment in email?

Yes the print format works well as pdf.

I have attached a sample mail with the PO attached in HTML format.

strange! sorry i’ve got no idea at the moment :see_no_evil:

No worry man… Thanks for your support :grinning:

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If you edit the PO and click on the print icon, upper right, then PDF - does it render correctly?

Yes it should…

@smino it renders coorrectly.

Please check the Print settings