Mail Inbox view does not work / no Mailbox Icon

ERPNext: v13.34.2
Frappe Framework: v13.34.0

I do not have see an Mailbox icon.
The view via CRM → Communications → Inbox let me select the email account but ends up in the ‘Sorry! I could not find what you were looking for.’ Message

I created Email Domain, Email account (with Enable Incoming), Linked the account to a user

It seems also that the IMAP on the server gets read since new mails send to the address receive a read flag.

Any idea what’s wrong?

The issue here seems to be that the url after doing a slection via the drop down box misses the ‘/view/’ part

The issue seem to be in the frappe\public\js\frappe\list\list_view_select.js

-  let route = `/app/communication/inbox/${email_account}`;
+  let route = `/app/communication/view/inbox/${email_account}`;

I just don’t know how to contribut or make this fix happen.

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