Mail marked as read

It seems something has changed… recently we have noticed that all mail polled by ERPNext is getting marked as read by ERPNext despite not being read in in exchange/outlook or ERPNext as you can imagine this creates a problem for those of us whom do not choose not to live 100% in ERPNext. As per imap standards no action should be taken when polling except that the mail is synched up. ie if it hasn’t been read in a client than when it comes into ERPNext it should remain unread, which is not the case. What has to be done to get some movement on this inadequate email functionality back in February we joined the telegram group but that seemed to have died before it even got started. We love that there is so much development going on in other areas but just cant understand why for over year nothing has really been done with the poorly implemented “email inbox” ; yes we liked ERPNext better before that introduction. Many of us see email as a core to our business and how its currently implemented makes ERPNext cumbersome and difficult to integrate and use…

As part of that group you mention we did try to make some forward motion but were not able to get Developer resource so it was difficult to get anything much actually done.

I do agree email does need some love and could be enhanced greatly. Certainly emails are intrinsic to every businesses’ operation and should have more emphasis in ERPNext. I have raised a number of issues relating to emails in Github, but I think (rightly) Frappe prefer to rework sections as a whole rather than just tweaking little bits.

But for V12, it would be good to see email (and to a lesser extend CRM) issues tackled as part of the Development work there

We were prepared to assist with this development would just like to know whom is the point of contact for mail development but for several months on telegram no one showed up.