Mails are not getting delivered after backup restore

Mails are not getting delivered after backup restore
Is there any more settings to be done


Please try to save the settings again on the e-mail setting.

Sometime the password should be retyped and then SAVE again.

Hope this helps.

Tried to remove and reconfigure the domain and account but still not working

Tthese are the logs i found in worker.error.log

02:05:27 default: frappe.utils.background_jobs.execute_job(async=True, event=None, job_name=u’frappe.utils.global_search.sync_global_search’, kwargs={‘flags’: [{‘content’: u’Subject : Communication: 6a6cf3d449 ||| From :’, ‘name’: ‘984b569434’, ‘title’: u’Communication: 6a6cf3d449’, ‘route’: None, ‘published’: 0, ‘doctype’: u’Communication’}]}, method=u’frappe.utils.global_search.sync_global_search’, site=u’erpnext.vm’, user=u’Administrator’) (abc1dd38-abe6-4f12-ac92-a24a820d0645)
02:05:27 default: Job OK (abc1dd38-abe6-4f12-ac92-a24a820d0645)
02:05:27 Result is kept for 500 seconds
02:05:27 *** Listening on default…
02:05:27 default: frappe.utils.background_jobs.execute_job(async=True, event=u’sendmail’, job_name=u’<function sendmail at 0xb32d8ca4>‘, kwargs={‘lang’: u’en’, ‘attachments’: [], ‘recipients’: [u’’], ‘cc’: [u’’], ‘bcc’: [u’’], ‘print_format’: u’Standard’, ‘session’: {u’data’: {u’session_expiry’: u’06:00:00’, u’session_country’: None, u’last_updated’: ‘2017-12-26 15:35:25.510137’, u’lang’: u’en’, u’user_type’: None, ‘user’: u’Administrator’, u’full_name’: None, u’device’: u’desktop’, ‘session_ip’: u’’}, u’user’: u’Administrator’, u’sid’: u’f1d8001a7ddbdd6c8478a30e683b4ca3afedaea77aaa9c46eee54cf8’}, ‘communication_name’: ‘984b569434’, ‘print_html’: u’‘}, method=<function sendmail at 0xb32d8ca4>, site=u’erpnext.vm’, user=u’Administrator’) (57d1aa6d-3b74-4ff4-8aa1-2cb75b1fd27b)
WARNING Property: Unknown Property name. [11:3: overflow-wrap]
02:05:28 default: Job OK (57d1aa6d-3b74-4ff4-8aa1-2cb75b1fd27b)
02:05:28 Result is kept for 500 seconds

Same here help please

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