"Mailto" tag in email alert preceded by "http://site.com/mailto_link"

Hi guys,

I have issue with email alert. When there are ‘mailto’ tag , it always get preceded by web url, hence when user click on it, it will become an invalid link. Is there any setting to override this?

ERPNext Version :v7.0.63

Frappe Framework: v7.0.47


Sorry but couldn’t get you. Please elaborate in detail.

Please open a github issue for this

Hi,sorry for insufficient information.

Basically, when there are mailto tag in email, when we click it will open an outlook app or any default email client that we are using.

But currently,for an email that was generate from email alert,if there are any mailto tag on it, it will add the email tag with site url infront of it. Eg: sitename.com/@example.com. Hence it will open an invalid link. Supposely, it should not be preceded with site_url.com so that when we click on it , it will open with our mail client.

Thanks, have open a github issue,


Hi, will continue here since github issue above has been closed .

At Email alert:

Message receive in gmail. When hover mouse at the mailto tag, you can see that it has website url infront of it. Hence when user click, it will invalid.

@naim5441 Sorry the Github issue was closed before the problem was solved. Just pushed a fix Scrub urls fix by netchampfaris · Pull Request #3918 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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Thanks for the fixed.