Main Stock=Yes to Maintain Stock=No

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Dear @umair, I have the same issue except it’s in the other way round. My items (all of them) have Maintain Stock checked (set as Yes). Are you suggesting that to change Maintain Stock to unchecked I have to delete ALL my transactions?

Why exactly is this limitation? In my case I want to delete all stock balances and calculations, and start the stock module from scratch. But we don’t want to affect the selling or buying modules.


Hello Ahemd

As suggested by Umair, Creating new Item Code is a fastest and cleanest solution possible.

As the stock related transaction as linked to buying and the selling module, deleting the transaction will effect them as well.

Hope this helps.

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Creating new item code,would be renaming the item code and that would solve the problem?
Thank you

Hi @Vajkard5! Renaming Item_code will not unlinked all previous transactions as it treated as the same item (item_code in transactions will be renamed as well if you use the rename functionality). Thus, the suggestion of creating NEW and separate item.