Maintaining Stock of Material that comes on spools (wire, tubing, etc.)

So I have been looking for a way to maintain stock of material I purchase on a roll, and I have not found a method for how I want to go about doing it yet.

I am familiar with the approach of unpacking material - If I purchase 25 feet of something I can unpack it into different lengths. However this requires that I determine beforehand how many 1 foot lengths, 5 inch lengths, etc. that I will want from that given part.

Is there any way to deduct over time lengths form a large spool - something that starts our at 25 feet and slowly becomes shorter, or is this not a feature yet?

Thanks in advance!

One option is to maintain your stock unit as “feet” (?)

The issue with this approach is that “offcuts” aren’t properly accounted for. If I have a 25 foot spool, and my parts are 10 feet each, I can make 2 items per spool. When I buy 2 spools, ERP will tell my I have enough to make 5 items, even though I only have enough to make 4 (with two 5 foot lengths of scrap).

I’m not sure there is a way to deal with this in ERP, except for maybe creating a warehouse for each spool (which would be very difficult).

Hi, Jhowarth! I think you can try using the unit conversions for the item, just make sure that the default unit of measure is the smallest one possible.

Eg. You can create an item “tubing” with inches as the smallest unit of measure. You can then assign different UOM’s as well as conversion factors for this item like ROLL can be a UOM which is equivalent to 25 feet. And 1 Foot/Feet can be converted to 12 inches, etc.

Hope this helps.

Thanks to everyone for the quick feedback.

@Ben_Cornwell_Mott - your point is well taken, luckily for my application I can get around that issue, but it will be something I will consider for future applications.

rmehta and @littlehera I think I get it now. To be clear I understand how to do this correctly, I will still need to have a distinct item in the unit I purchase the tubing in (say a roll of tubing) that I repack into individual tubing (that I keep in feet or inches). This allows me to convert the roll of tubing into a large number of inches (25 foot roll turns into 300 inches) which I then deplete over time as I use it in manufacturing.

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