Maintenance mode value

I installed Bench Manager (v 0.0.1 / branch develop).
Everytime I open the Site doctype of a new site, it refresh and save itself.
And it causes the maintenance mode and pause scheduler in site_config.json are set to

"maintenance_mode": "0",
"pause_scheduler": "0"

instead of:

"maintenance_mode": 0,
"pause_scheduler": 0

When first created, the value is 0 not "0".
Using the quotes make the site is in maintenance mode (same as on or 1)

Is this the expected behaviour or a bug?
If I change the field type to Int (from Data) will it cause problems?

Thank you

Is there any change in the way bench writes site_config.json and common_site_config.json?
As I remember we used to be able to set on/off for those parameters requiring 1/0 for the value. Now it seems bench writes literally the value "on" instead off translate it to 1. even it writes "1" literally.
And also it seems that this change in bench affects the way in-app code behaves (for example the Bench Manager above).