Major Issue: Child table first row gets blank

Issue Appears when submitting or saving doctypes like
(Sales, order, Purchase Order, Invoices, Timesheets)
without refreshing the page,

First row of child table gets blank and no data is fetched for that row.
For Eg. If Item is selected then no fields are populated for that Item (Price, UOM etc).

This is a Major issue for Company’s who are handling large data.
Refreshing the page each & every time is not a solution.

Attaching Video: Issue in 00.25


Having this issue in Frappe V12.18.0 & ERPNext 12.18.10
Normal Ubuntu Clean Installation.

Couldn’t find any fix.
If there’s already a fix - Kindly share the commit details.

@Silela update your system to latest 12. or switch to 13.


There are some customizations in our installation. So can’t.

Where is it solved? Any commit details / Bug fix links will be helpful.



Any Fix ?