Make a field search able

Hi Guys

I have an issue with the Link fields. I have created custom fields in Item DocType with is of fieldtype “Data”

now in the sales order item, i have created custom field however i want that when i put the focus on this field it should act like a Link field and query the Item table for that field and display the result.

I have created a Link field in the Sales Order Item and set the option field as “[Select]”

however this doesnt seems to be working, i have also set the query for this field but nothing is working.

can anyone help me out with it ??

Can you share the screenshot of Custom field?

In the Custom Field, Type should Select and in the option value should be

Link: doctype_name

i dont want a dropdown, and the field i am linking is not a DocType

it is just a custom field with type “data” created in the Item doctype.

in the Sales Order Item, i created another custom field with same fieldname as one in item, however i want this field to be search able and display the options just like a Link Field.