Make an exact copy of my ERP site for testing purposes how?

Hello I am a fairly new user of ERPNext, before in my odoo days, I could make copies of the current production Database, this allowed to test some functionalities or workflows of the ERP before actually doing them in production.

how can I get an exact copy of my actual site for testing purposes in ERPNext?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Assuming you self-host, it’s quite easy to load a production database over to a testing server using bench:

  • If you’re running on a VPS, you can create a snapshot of your server. Then you can create a duplicate server from your snapshot.
  • If you’re using a SaaS solution, make sure to download a full backup (database, files, site config). You can restore the backup into any bench that has the same (or higher) version as the production instance. If you want an exact copy, you’ll have to take care to install the exact same software versions as on your production instance (operating system, dependencies, frappe, erpnext, custom apps).

You’ll always have to adjust settings that are specific to the site (domains, TLS certificates, etc.)

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Thanks for the solution. I thought there was something easier than creating a snapshot server and deploying, because that has it’s own issues like encryption certificates, DNS settings etc…

But yes I am using a VPS server and will have to do that every once in a while.

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If you go for backup restore route, small tip. Always use the same site name.

Thanks for the tip @Araskho but you can not use the same site name or otherwise you wold have to take the production site down in able to lift the testing one. That does not make sense to me.

I guess I am missing something.

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