Make attachments clickable in list view


Is it possible to make attachments clickable in list view?
I know I can do something like:

frappe.listview_settings['Test Docktype'] = {

    onload(listview) {
        console.log("loaded", listview);'My custom Action', () => my_action_handler());'Open Attachment', () => OpenAttachment(), 'octicon octicon-sync');

function Compare(){

    for (let check of event.view.cur_list.$checks) {
       // #something like frappe.get_value('Test Docktype',,  'attached_file');
       // #then something like:, '_blank');
       // #which I couldn't bother to properly phrase its syntax

but then a user has to select only one line, otherwise he\she ends up with too many attachments opening at once.
What do you say? Is there an elegant way of achieving this?