Make Conversion factor mandatory

Hi All,

Is there a way for erpnext to raise an error if there is no conversion in the UOM conversion table for an item for unknown conversion?

For example I have an item that has a default uom of “Pack” but lets say someone forgot to add the “each” conversion factor for it. Can the system raise an error if that happens instead of using a default conversion factor of 1? currently the system doesn’t raise an error for this

Frappe Framework: v13.20.1 (version-13)
ERPNext: v13.20.1 (version-13)

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Just so if anyone comes accross this with the version we are using it looks like it is hardcoded

This function is located in erpnext.stock.get_item_details, we just change it to return 0 so that using unit of measures with no conversion will never happen

I suspect the maintainers would be reluctant to change behavior that’s been around for a while, unless you can make a clear case that it is incorrect. You could could do this on your own installation quite easily with custom fields or a server script, I imagine.