Make delivery note from sales order with child table

Hello everybody;
Now we are trying to extend make_delivery_note in sales order to copy ‘Payment Term Template’ and ‘Payment schedule’ table from Sales order to delivery note
we have created custom fields in delivery note and wrote this code snippet

$.extend(cur_frm.cscript, {
	make_delivery_note:function(frm) {
			method: "erpnext.selling.doctype.sales_order.sales_order.make_delivery_note",


it works fine for payment-term_template but how to include the child table ‘payment_schedule’ inside


Thanks in advance

I thought cscript was deprecated. However this guide might help

deprecated? you mean we will not be able to extend any server script !

I cannot say for sure but I have come across threads where cscript was quoted as deprecated. However check the official docs for your version

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