Make different sales invoice & sales order serial numbers for each cost center

Hi team,
I have 2 cost centers for 2 departments running under 1 company. I need to make the “Sales Order” & “Sales Invoice” serial numbers separately for each department. For e.g. I use the default serial numbers for both sales order & invoice for 1 department & for the other department, i need to use a new serial number. Is this possible in ERPNext? Will i be able to make Sales Orders & invoices with separate serial numbers that will help me making each department’s income & order tracking separately, without getting mixed with the existing ones?


You can go to Setup> under Data section select Naming Series> in select transaction field select Sales Order or Sales Invoice> then you will get option Series List for this transaction> in that you can define new series in each line and then check or tick mark user must always select(optional) and then click on update button.

Once the series is updated, then go to either Sales Order or Sales Invoice and in the series option select the defined series and save/submit the document. The document will be saved with the selected series.

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Thanks a lot