Make employee-wise Journal Entry for payroll entry

We plan to make an app to customize payroll to record each employee Liability and pay them in cash instead of paying them through bank.
supposed features:

  • option in Payroll Entry to detect if it’s employee-wise.
  • if payroll entry is employee-wise then
    1. filter Payroll Payable Account to payable account type.
    2. on submitting salary slips form Payroll Entry create one Journal Entry that sum the debit (Earning) and credit (Deduction) for each Salary Component (Default Behavior) and distinguish employees’ Liability for each Salary Slip and set employee as party.
    3. after submitting salary slips add button in Payroll Entry to create Payment Entry For each salary slip and add salary slip in Payment References table.

Any Suggestions for better Scenario?

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@imorghim @Mohammed_Alnozily

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Repository for the app where changes will made
It still under development for anyone who want to track the progress

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A similar approach has already been addressed in Advanced payment, where the account Employee Advances (Asset) will be used for all advances. Upon creating a Payment Entry, the Party type is selected as employee, and the employee details are fetched.
If the same can be applied here for Payroll Entry for each employee

Yes, That’s possible.

the development of these features is complete.
I hope, I can upload docs for how to use it, today or tomorrow.
extensive tests are needed

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Sorry, to be late,
Documentation As is uploaded and could be found in the repository.
I hope, It’s useful app.