Make ERP emails look they all come from one account rather than individual accounts

We are using ERPNext Cloud so there are limitations to what we can do

Apart from sending of emails, all other emails are processed externally. In ERP the only email settings we have are for the erp-notifications@graphskill for the default sending account. Emails are sent via our mail.graphskill smtp server

Currently we have

So user1 logs in to ERP creates a quotes and send the quote via the ERP mail system. Although that is sent via erp-notifications@graphskill account (default sending account) as far as the customer is concerned it comes from user1@graphskill and when they reply it goes to user1@graphskill external email account

We are looking to an external helpdesk software (OSTICKET) so we want to change this default behaviour

User1 logs in with user1@graphskill email address and sends a quote. We want it to look like the email has come from erp-notifications@graphskill account and when they hit reply it also goes to erp-notifications@graphskill . This way all the messages we receive will be in the erp-notifications@graphskill external system (osticket) and all of our staff will be able to see and respond to the email ratehr than just user1

I hope that makes sense.

I thought putting a tick:

Always use Account’s Email Address as Sender
Uses the Email Address mentioned in this Account as the Sender for all emails sent using this Account.

But that does not change anything

Any ideas? Is this Possible?

Looks like it could be a know unfixed bug :frowning:

This is not a bug. If a user initiates a mail the mail is sent as the user, except it is a mass mail or system notification in which case the default notification email is used. I raised this as an issue sometime ago and was told that’s how the email notification system was built.

@Ron_Taylor, I have always wished that I could adjust the settings so that emails would be sent from a central email (like the default sending), rather than individual user addresses. My company primarily uses our email providers web email interface and/or other desktop email clients, so many users emails addresses are simply not set up in ERPNext, meaning they cannot send invoices, quotes, support replies, etc from with in the interface.

I wish so too and i had raised this issue in the past about allowing users to use the default notification mail to send invoices and other documents to customers, but it seems this opinion is not being considered by most in the community or Frappe. The only way to use the central email for invoice sending and other individual communication is if you are logged in as administrator.

the option of specifying a reply-to address would be very useful when sending from a user account in accounting functions.