Make fields mandatory in quick entry

Hello dears

i wanna to make fields mandatory in Customer quick entry form

how to do that ??

From Customize Form chose your doctype

select wanted field and check the Mandatory checkbox then update

hello @OmarJaber thanks for reply

As mentioned above in screenshot those fields are contact fields not customer doctype

so that if i made them mandatory in contacts they will not be mandatory in Customer quick entry form

This fields is already in the customer doctype!
so you can assign them in customer doctype as mandatory

E-mail Id , Mobile number , Address …etc are linked to customer doctype not fields !!

Got the same issue…

SA @OmarJaber , @Mahmoud_Ghoneem, @OldEagle
I’m trying to add custom field to File DocType and I want it to show up in Quick Entry dialog,
can you help with this ?

Thanks in advance.

check this comment,

Thanks for the reply @OmarJaber .

Sorry, but this didn’t work for File doctype this may work for Customer but the File DocType has its own dialog in the new version.