Make Multi Vendor Portal Using ERPNext

Hello Everyone,

I want to make a multi-vendor portal using ERPNext. Currently i not found any solution for this or any default this functionality is available for this.

I have a solution but i don’t know this worked please give me suggetion for this.

i make a parent company for our portal and after when supplier is register for vendor we create a child company for this supplier and select our portal as a parent and set filter in all doctype for company so, supplier can see only own data and our portal manage other things.

supplier can add own items, customer etc. and supplier can add other supplier as well,

so this solution is work or any other solution for this ?

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I agree with your scheme!

Creating a company for each “vendor” will allow you to segregate better the data!
But, it will require a lot of rework on the ecommerce module of ERPNext, since it’s not tailored to work with multiple companies!

Also, keep in mind that, for the “Administration Company” each vendor is a customer, and your company is a supplier.

Also there’s other challenges that I may can think!

Currently, I’m dealing with a project with the exactly similar scenario and we decided a different approach for that, that’s why I personally think that there’s best plataforms for that approach than ERPNext!

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@max_morais_dmm Agreed! Think about more than 1000 suppliers on your multivendor portal. Does that mean 1000 child company in ERPNext? :sweat_smile:

Can you give some details to do this

You have any other solutions?

We decide to go with for the ecommerce, and with ERPNext for the administration company

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does shuup provide apis and webhooks ? because we want to use shuup backend and want to build frontend in frappe because our one main site is running on frappe and we want to implement on this site.

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I see, I think first you should check the features of shuup, then you take your decision to use or to dont use!

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okay, thanks for you reply

Hi @pithiya_Nilesh

See, there are different factors which need to be considered for the marketplace kind of operation.

  1. Stocking
    2, Invoicing
  2. Accounting

If you are trying to build it on the vanilla ERPNext by building some doctypes and developing some customisation, then I would clearly say No!

If you want to build the solution on frappe then build a completely different module (Which can function on its own ) on frappe and then you can attach it to your main ERPNext.

please give it a thought.

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How much it costs? the site always asks for enquiry.