Make multiple Linked Payment Entries against a single SALES ORDER

Hello. We have been using ERPNEXT V14 in our organisation; we manufacture products made-to-order.

Customer are sent Quotation ——> on confirmation —> Sales order is generated.
Advance payment from customer is entered after SO generation linked Payment entry.

Sometimes customers pay us two times. for example.
Customer A has to pay us Rs. 1,36,632/-
He paid Rs. 50000/- Payment 1
Rs. 86,632 payment 2.

when we enter Payment 2 via Payment Entry in Sales order
Payment entry is made -
Get Outstanding order is pulled…
Outstanding amount is correct…

ON SUBMIT the below error is displayed.

Please guide on how we can make multiple Linked Payment Entries against a single SALES ORDER>

Hi @Umangsah,

It’s worked properly.

Please check it.

Thank You!

Will be fixed by fix: allocation error on partial payment against sales order by ruthra-kumar · Pull Request #36844 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
Fix will be available in the upcoming weekly release.