Make Multiple Variants for more than 3 items attributes not working

I have Template item X has 4 item attributes type, grade, color,size. When I try to make ‘multiple variants’ it doesn’t work even the pop up not opening.
However, when I tried make ‘Single Variant’ it works well and the 4 items attributes appears well.

When I deleted one of the four items attributes and clicked on Make ‘Multiple variants’ it worked well and the pop up appeared including the 3 items attributes.

Is there any solution for this bug?

Hi, it works from my side. Which version do you have?

ERPNext: v10.0.19 (master)

Frappe Framework: v10.0.20 (master)

It could be related to this bug;

hi, yes, I also think it can be related.

Any news when can it be fixed?

sorry, but no.

Hi. am using ERPNext: v10.1.41 (master) Frappe Framework: v10.1.38 (master) but issue is same. Cannot make Multiple Variants. I see that it was merged but not working.


The pull was merged in the develop branch.