Make pricing rule permanent, how?

How does one turn a pricing rule into a permanent price?

Use case: Let’s say a pricing rule was used to increase prices of a product group by x percent. Now, if a new item is added, the pricing rule applies for that also, causing some confusion.

Should one not use a pricing rule to change overall prices?

There is no function or button to convert a Pricing Rule into an Item Price.

Generally, I like to use Item Price to store the “standard” Buying and Selling prices. Then use Price Discounts to possible reduce the price, depending on conditions.

I’ve never used Pricing Rules to increase the price, like you’re describing. That’s interesting.

Hi Brian,
I see. I wonder what the prefered method might be to increase many prices by a percentage without doing that individually for each item…

If it were me, I’d do something like this:

Option 1

  1. Export my prices into a spreadsheet.
  2. Apply a percentage increase to the rate.
  3. Use the Data Import Tool to import my spreadsheet. This would mass-update the 'Item Price' documents, and apply the new prices.

Option 2

  1. Ask a developer to write a small Python script.
  2. The script would loop through my 'Item Price' records, and apply the price increase percentage.

Bonus Points

Either way, ideally it would be great if the old 'Item Price’ rate was not altered.

  • Update existing 'Item Price', and apply a “To Date”, for the date the price ended.
  • Insert a new 'Item Price', with the new value, and the “From Date” is the date this price became active.

This way, I have a history of all my Prices, when they started and ended. This could be useful someday for troubleshooting, reporting, and more.