Make rounding according to currency format


Since my posts about rounding problem have no proper solutions, I send this as a feature request so that developers could think about this for the next release.

First of all, these are my versions:

ERPNext: v11.1.56 (version-11)

Frappe Framework: v11.1.52 (version-11)

This is my currency definition:

And this is the information shown in quotation, sales order, sales invoice and in everywhere:

As you can see in the currency definition, there is no fraction and the currency format is #.###

The second picture shows that the net amount is CLP 26,240. Tax is 19%, so the resulting tax is shown as CLP 4,985.6 and the gross amount CLP 31,225.6

That is wrong.

According to currency definition, tax amount should be CLP 4,986 and the gross amount CLP 31,226.

This request is different from just showing the quotation document without decimals. The problem is that all should be treated without decimals, which is not allowed in ERPNext.

I hope you can implement this.