Make sales invoice from Delivery Note, from sales invoice can not refer DN

Hi All,

We have encountered a small issue.

Our warehouse normally issue delivery note before sales invoice, then make sales invoice from delivery note.

We can see the reference sales invoice from delivery note, but we can not see the reference delivery note from sales invoice.

Is it able to be solved in future update, our current version 10.1.37

This link should help:

I replicated this transaction into my instance, and here is the outcome.

@kennethsequeira - is this normal, if yes, I guess it should show links at all documents link.

The flow of docs: I first made SO-00006, then created part delivery via DN-00008, then Created Invoice for full value via SINV-00006.

When I click on ‘Links’ from SO, this is what I see.


When I click on ‘Links’ from DN, this is what I see. No link to SO or SI here

When I click on ‘Links’ from SI, this is what I see. No link to SO or DN here

Can’t replicate this one.

Sales Order:

DN from Sales Order:

Invoice from DN:

When you expand the item child table, you get the reference DN:

ERPNext: v10.1.42 (master)

Frappe Framework: v10.1.39 (master)

I guess when there are more then one DN, it is not showing like this. Now i created full delivery with two DN.

But at either of DN-0008 or SN-0009, it is still showing the same.


Thanks for your help, for our company procedure, it is a bit different, we Don’t issue SO as they are regular customers, we issue DN directly to deduct stock from warehouse, then our accounts will issue SI after that, on the sales invoice page, the reference is not showing the link, even when I click links, the link is not shown.

But, I found that in sales register, the DN is shown. Which is enough for us to reference now.

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