Make sales order from quotation not working

Hi! When I make a sales order from a quotation every field is loaded but the title. Any ideas on how to debug this? I don’t have any customizations on the fields or doctypes.

Can you describe the problem more detailed?

Yes. I have a quotation, like this one:

When I click on Make Sales order I get the following result:

Every field in the sales order is correct but the title is empty

Normaly, the title field is hidden and will bi autom. filled out by saving (creating) the record.

Can you save (creat) a new record?

Yes I can, sorry thats the only customization I’ve done. I did it with the customize form menu.

ah ok, got it. i thought it is a failure that this field is visible because of:

do you have this settings in your customizations too?

Yes, I do. I have another instance of the erp in another environment where the title is also visible and editable. In that instance the when i create a new sales order the title is the same as the quotation. In this environment its not working that way.

Any clue on how to debug this?