Make standard docs editable after submitting?

Hi i noticed there is a button that allows to change certain things after submission.

Is there any way to apply this to standard options as well as it seems to block it ?

Behaviour of Standard fields cannot be changed, but it is possible for Custom Fields.
This may help:

i see,

I have imported a bunch of old invoices from a previous software, and while i could do “returns” to fix mistakes on some of them, at least 1 invoice needs stuff ADDED to it, its already submitted and all. is there any way to add a few quantities in a already submitted and paid invoice ??

You can try cancel and Amend, if there are related documents to the sales invoice, you would have to cancel those and redo them as well.

ok that was what i wanted to avoid :frowning:

is there a way to keep the same invoice number when deleting and recreating the invoice ? It seems to want to pick last available number instead of the one it had ?